Hello world!



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This is my way of publishing my thoughts.

I’m not a writer but I’d like to post my writings to get feedback or rather leave something behind.

so…. THIS is my footprint, or blogged-literary-print, if you will.

Image: courtesy of Bill Edwards, panorama of Seattle Central Library “Living Room” space, Seattle WA




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What if all the souls on the universe gathered into one single star and that star was lost in time. How would we find one another?

Among the faces in the pictures taken eons ago I couldn’t find a single smile directing at the camera except mine. But I never remembered if the smile was seeking a familiar face beyond the camera or I was alone.

Bleached dresses showed clouds moving on to another sky. I reached into the mud so that I would be able to make it rain again. Dirt is a necessary part of life. I’ve learned to never frown at a beggar’s face for perfection is an illusion we escape to when we are lonely. It grieves us.

My child gazed at me wondering why I was crying and laughing. The concept was lost. I was overwhelmed by so much life around me that death gave me hysteria.

Be aware of the wondering man for he carries a lighter. Our mortal wax is fragile.

Make a whole lot of sense when you laugh but never explain why you cry. People shouldn’t find out.

My butterfly ate a worm. The dog barked. The police whistled goodbye to security for in the city wolves had as much right as lambs.

Tigers walked with high heels they bought cheaply. Morning swerved away at the sight of my approach. I was carrying an umbrella. You never know. It might shine.

Extravagance left for London. Paris yearns for ice cream made in Qatar. Flags are burning. The crow soared to the eagle’s nest carrying food for the chicks. Tehran was dead. No body noticed for they were watching the world cup!



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The second the eyes focused on the stranger beyond the frame, the stranger became a friend. Yet from inside the eyes there was an another looking out, reaching for a bond which wasn’t there. The stranger had already awoken a third shadow. The mirror cracked and the pieces showered the sky. A black abyss was gazing in. Where did all the flowers go? “I hadn’t smelled them yet,” thought the first man.


Image isn’t everything


She took the chair under the fan…climbed on … remembered to shut it off…descended…switched it off…mounted the chair…stood silently under the receding click click…tied the rope…observed the knot…her passion used to be untangling the yarn…nice change…took the loop by the neck…looked at the clock…at the strike of twelve…no sooner…no later…one minute left…took a deep breath…held it…let it go…inhaled…jumped…pain was the first thought…then came numbness…so fast pain mellowed into frenzied marshmallow…jumped back in the chair…released the loop…the arms were longer now…just the right length for the sleeves…job well done…untied the knot…hit the fan…the rope slithered down…it was getting hot again.

Social bridges or walls?


Love is pain multiplied by a hundred stab wounds aiming at desires, tearing them apart to pieces lost in ambiguous abyss of regardes and stares, meanings lost. Life would be a lot less backbreaking if we told the tale of our hearts first hand. Commodity of our minds dared not. Oceans apart his eyes haunt me forever. Forks on the road tore my limbs but I let the wheels crush me to speak.

I wish …. you could see through me… my tongue is made only for suffocation. Knowing a hundred tongues made love all the same Greek to me.

Yearned, instead of ridicule, for the first time for held hands….

On a ball full of billions and yet I’m on Mars lost among red ashes of my fleshed sensation….

Chemistry is not the pull…just alchemy…

Happy and madly sad… now I see what they meant….



The ant is crawling slowingly up my throat, scratching its way thoroughly through a tissue soft.

A pain shoots out to a chest reaching where a heart used to be. Now there is only the void filled without pus.

Flu flows into an air, snaring at all innocent schmuck by-passers. I weren’t passing. I stayed.


p.s. take notice of the shift in the proper places of adjectives and the/a stuff. Bothersome when things are out of place, isn’t it?

in subconscious or out?

The legs were long needles of hairless pins, crooked at the joints inwardly, as if to fold in if need be.

Tangling by a shiny invisible thread descending through air particles,

The spider appeared!

First thought: not again.

Second thought never came since I was already awake searching for it to destroy.

How quaint, I wondered, is the brain where a wakeful fascination morphes into an alarming nightmare at nights.



Crushed between the throngs of the wheel, the rat was left for dead at the side of the road.

The tail was leaving for another adventure but the rat was left for dead on the side of the road.

The canine teeth left for another mouth but the rat was left for dead by the side of the road.

The whiskers drew the wind closer to ride but the rat was left for dead inside the road.

Death was busy elsewhere. The rat dragged its corps by the claws through the road.

Mother greeted his son with open arms.


Beyond buoyancy …


Follow-up on all the misguided maladies as a path of salvation!

Beware a bee is approaching unto the flowers of sickness!

Swayed on misfortune, the king addressed his people malevolently.

Quiet street at night scared him to burn at the sun.

Since childhood all she wanted was right here at tomorrow.

Seeking answer never helped them.