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I rebel. I make mistakes. I shoot myself 

In the foot. I put my foot in my mouth. I break 

The eggshells I’m walking on. I rebel.
I quit my unstarted job.

I beg on the street and give 

Passerbys money to go. I drink water like wine

And wine as water. I rebel.
I come close to murdering 

My shadow. I look in the mirror and spill

Coffee on my reflection.

I shout my name in the shower. I rebel.


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Take a deep breath (and hold it!)


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Wondrous birds of prey sank their teeth in to shut the agony fighting the raging in to barter every soul to hell was a master stroke in the paramount importance of a queer mind yet unquenched by the ravages of time to be alone in the murderous silence of the lambs asymmetrical to the grossly unrealized tigers with so much fur to carry across time my brain couldn’t fathom poor tiny monsters Monday mornings going to work for the corporate fat cats who enjoy a good mouse once in a while if any since all the mice have poisoned human souls with their misinterpreted folly, joy!


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Ideas float in a jar like the dead in the afterlife, Greek style.

Don’t bother solving problems,

Don’t shout!

All the mercy is pointless,

We all are some cavemen,

Monsters! Rounding applause for our victory.

You’re just saying sorry 

When I’m dead.

I liked you and I’m set.


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Stress! My beautiful monster!

Stress! Surviving through me 

All the wild ideas.

Tearing at me, pulling pieces away from my heart.

Heart strings are being unknitted, wishing my 

Youth away.

Oh stress! My strange monster! 

My beautiful monster!

Mo love!


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While everything’s great

While I sing every night,

You miss the mark

I loved you all the same.
Back down the road 

At the back door on the end,

Awaits you the beginning

Of all our promise.
Pushed back memories 

Have a go at me

I don’t mind,

You don’t fade that easy.
People from there and people from here

They all praise your brain

I don’t mind.
Parents gone

You don’t mind

Parrots talk of happiness, it’s all sham.

It’s all mimes.
I don’t mind

You don’t mind

What I say 

We don’t have a choice anyway.
Call me back when you’re home 

Call me back when you’re alone 

Call me back a lot if you can

I don’t mind

I don’t have a landline anyway.
You’re a sham

You’re a dream

You’re not real

You’re just recorded in a cam.
Blood boils

Ocean flows

Insect glows

I don’t mind

It’s all going anyway.
Nothing lasts

Even your design

Even your man

I don’t mind

I’m just recorded in a cam.


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Based  on the song “memories” by Kamiodosh


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Stay golden. Afloat the marking sickness of the night.Drift away in the depths of my subconscious ,

Stray away from broken hearts.

Push the air through the your fingertips.

Dance baby, dance.