Short Story

The Patient

There is sun in the sky shining on beautiful flowers in the garden. I feel the breeze on my forehead. It’s so refreshing this nice touch as if a hand is caressing my skin. Now the fingers are in my hair. They feel like a natural comb of some kind. I can still hear the buzzing of bees in my ears. Bust this sound is like someone talking….

  • How do you think this will affect my darling, doctor?
  • I’m afraid this treatment won’t bring your daughter back. But it will stop her episodes. She will come back to reality. Well, as much as there is a reality for a patient like her.
  • Oh, this troubles me the most. I just can’t see her like this. She sits still like this all the time now. I talk to her but she never says a word of conformation to my voice.
  • Don’t worry Mrs. Wagner, in fact she is responding quite well to the drugs administered earlier this week.
  • I’m glad. Yes. She seems content though she doesn’t seem to acknowledge my presence. But she doesn’t push my hand away either. Quite an improvement doctor. I’m pleased.
  • It’s my privilege. Shall we continue our conversation in the office?
  • Yes please.

These bees seem quite remarkably intelligent. They talk about flowers as if they are alive and humanlike. I wish I could comprehend their intentions. Wait…. They seem to have gone. There is no buzzing anymore. It’s getting rather warm. There is no breeze any more. Ah! Do I feel lonely? I’m sure I’ll miss this little chat of these bees. I shall wait for another conversation among other creatures. In this house I’m alone. I just have my garden to keep me company.


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