I’m writing this to whoever might read this one day. I’m not going to start this by urging you not-to-read-this-and-close-it-and-go-do-something-else bull shit. If you’re reading this, then feel special as much as you can. You are one lucky person, cuz your life is ordinary. You have to wake up everyday, do stupid mundane stuff and then go to bed again. You feel lonely and hope you had some special purpose in life. Well, I’m here to say “don’t “!!!! I did and now I’m waiting for the damn end. Every fucking thing in life has a fucked up consequence. That’s the whole bull shit reality there is. I’m mad. I wish I were somewhere else. I wish I never dared to open that message. I heard something like if you open the mails in the spam they might have virus, I just didn’t believe it. Well, it didn’t have a virus but it damn sure screwed the life out of me. Nice! Now you’re warmed up. Let’s start from the beginning. If you wanna know about the ending, you need to know how it all started. This isn’t a joke, or a prank, or a shitty story to sell, this is my life how I saw it happen. I’ve been accused of so many things but I wouldn’t know. I’m just a bit afraid what you might think of me. Well, … it’s kinda late and doesn’t matter anyway, I won’t be around to suffer your incompetent understanding. I lived this. I need a way to pass the night and I’m scared as hell. Writing on this pieces of paper is the only sedative.

chapter one – mass media

I’m an Iranian. I’m a girl. That’s all you need to know. But according to all societies’ norms and shits, that’s all someone is defined by. Their gender is what makes them a product. And where they come from points out how they live and how this particular product is brought up. Funny how we categorize even ourselves.


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