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While everything’s great

While I sing every night,

You miss the mark

I loved you all the same.
Back down the road 

At the back door on the end,

Awaits you the beginning

Of all our promise.
Pushed back memories 

Have a go at me

I don’t mind,

You don’t fade that easy.
People from there and people from here

They all praise your brain

I don’t mind.
Parents gone

You don’t mind

Parrots talk of happiness, it’s all sham.

It’s all mimes.
I don’t mind

You don’t mind

What I say 

We don’t have a choice anyway.
Call me back when you’re home 

Call me back when you’re alone 

Call me back a lot if you can

I don’t mind

I don’t have a landline anyway.
You’re a sham

You’re a dream

You’re not real

You’re just recorded in a cam.
Blood boils

Ocean flows

Insect glows

I don’t mind

It’s all going anyway.
Nothing lasts

Even your design

Even your man

I don’t mind

I’m just recorded in a cam.


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