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You’re eating. You’re breathing gracefully between the munches of food in your mouth. 

Complete harmony! You’re watching your favorite show, Monsters, Inc. 

Randol traps Mike in that awful machine. The music escalates. You’re excited! You forget everything else. You’re absorbed. You’re choking on your food. Mike is threatening. You don’t care. You stop the video. You’re choking. You can’t breathe. You’re coughing. But there is no more air left in your lungs to cough out. You’re blue in the face. (You assume this obviously!) That small piece of food killing you is finally out of that pipe. You take the first chunk of fresh air in. You’re alive!

You take your time to appreciate breathing normally, for five seconds! You hit play. You move on.

That is your attention span. Is it enough? 


This post is what happened to me five minutes ago! (And under copyright! Happened to me in this way so I’m copyrighting it !)