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1. View with your ears!

2. Listen with your eyes!

3. Taste the air and breathe your food!

4. Love every hateful idea and condescend the mere thought of caring for anyone but yourself! 

5. Then look into mirror, stick your tongue out and humiliate your face! (No one will ever be able to crush you after that!)

And one more thing;

6. Think of money as your right of passage to friendship! 

7. Surprise everybody, even yourself!

8. Trust the outcome to be the worst! And your income to be the least!

9. Don’t care unless it’s unimportant!

10. Ask this question at least five thousand times a day: So what?


This post is under copyright. (I mean who would wanna copy this anyway?!)

P.s. There are two ways to be original and uncopied: 1. Copyright everything! 2. Produce gibberish like it’s made of gold!