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Writing is hard! I’ve been trying to get some of my ideas on paper , so to speak, yet I can’t seem to have the courage of seeing them through. How do they write? These writers….

I thought once, “how hard could it be? I wanna write. I wanna create stories, characters, people.” But the more I go on, I realize the fact that you need motivation as much as talent with words. Then you’ll need an audience patient enough to spend time reading your creation of a sequence of words. 

But why do people write? To be heard, or read? To be sold? To become famous? (Well, some of the, certainly do wanna be famous cuz their books do not carry any literary value whatsoever! – I didn’t wanna mention them by name but safe to some certain GREY colored novels are best left unread. Or some creatures left untouched! I mean they really make bloodsucking monsters look like puppies in love!!) Or do they write for just one reader? As said in the film “5 to 7”, which by the way was a nice film. 

What do you think? Feel totally free of charge of any kind to give me your view of writing. I’m always thirsty for more views and idea. 

So please do feel the need to leave a comment. 

Thank you sincerely.

And this post is NOT under copyright. Cuz I’d love to be copied once! Would mean it was not THAT bad.