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Second of December. 22:22.

I’m delusional! The stuff about Persians I wrote earlier was written by Herodotus, not Hesiod! Elister came to see me today. He said I made mistake regarding that when I asked him. Well, I can’t really be blamed. He lived then and I’m just 27 years old. Knowing is never living it.

He was shaken up. I’m in jail and he shaken up! Well, can’t blame him! He is a Rashnu. It was considered a treason for him to help me. Which is why I didn’t mention his name in any of the trials. The why am I writing his name here? First, I’m dying! So I don’t care if someone finds this out. Second, all the time we talked he asked whether I said his name twice! The point is I get that he is in a bad situation but he never acted this selfish before! So I’m a bit suspicious right now! Whether I was played! Use me to destroy the empire his family built, the family he so despises and at the same time come out golden! So every faction and clan out there would trust him completely! Now I’m not sure who is on my side any more! I’m becoming paranoid. I miss the good old days when your only problem was a little mark for the class or whether to take the cab or go by bus! All of sudden I’m tired! I need to rest. I don’t feel like writing anymore.

Zohre over and out.

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