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Tuesday morning 01:00 first of December

I used to like Christmas. I don’t quite know why! It’s curious. I was never living in the part of the world where they celebrate this stuff. I never had any reason not to follow it though. Somewhere I read that we Iranians are used to adapting to different sets of cultures. I believe it was Hesiod who considered Persians a people who wear some other nations’ clothing and this kinda thing. So in all fairness and hopefully truthfulness celebrating Christmas wasn’t really against my genes!What the hell am I saying?! I’m not even human! 

Let’s see; among all the things I celebrated whether I was happy about it or not, there are some pretty amazing stuff connected with these people. In fact approximately all the ancient dusty stuff during the time of Zoroastrians is adapted from Zards and Sorkhs. It’s as if people at those times could understand these two factions’ power. They considered fire a sacred element. Cute!

And depressing! I found out today that somehow by fire I’m about to “be cleansed”! Whatever that means!!! I don’t feel like thinking or writing any more! I’m gonna sulk at the corner in my bed staring at the ceiling! It’s dark in here. Yeah! I can see in the pitch black darkness! How awesomely mundane! The walls and the ceiling are made of some sort of black glass. It’s supposed to stop me from breaking my way out of this place, more like burning my way out. Any who, I won’t be able to accomplish anything regarding the analysis of the details of the ceiling, but I’ll be doing this and nothing more at the moment!

Zohre over and out!


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