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December first at supposed night, i know it’s 20:02 pm.

For whoever’s out there, or whoever might care, I got some couple of stuff at my cell to keep me company: a desk clock, pen and some papers obviously, some gummy bears and a cell guard who personally assures that I remember I’m a prisoner and he is the boss and I kinda have to acknowledge his importance ( which by doing so he became my pal for getting news of the outside world and the effect my last bomb had on the council). This reminds me, I’m kind of a hero to those opposing the way things are run. Which is not a surprise! Mind you! It happens to humans too. 

I’m for no apparent reason cheerful today. Tonight, whatever. Cuz he said some groups in both sides are starting a war against the royals. As humans, there are royal families among the two races here too. But they are much more terrifying. The Zards’ royal family is called “Sraosha” which means obedience in Avestan. They are kind of mysterious and they very much remind me of British policy, sneaky, powerful and they never say what they really think. This last one is common among all the Zards. The royal family of Sorkhs is called “Rashnu” which means immortality in Avestan. As the name goes they like to think they control the world. They actually do. The Zards don’t wanna admit it but they answer to this family. They are pretty big on judgment! Now my excitement is gone just by thinking about the amount of power they possess. They even control the human world, secretly of course. I feel so desperate! How can you stand against something like that?! I’m doomed!

Zohre over and out! 

(Probably erased from existence as well!)

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