– What took place yesterday was both a disgrace and a shame to this institution. The patient was under strict instructions not to be left alone! How do you explain this outcome?! I left this responsibility to this team for just a week to go to the conference. And this is what happens!

– I’m sorry ma’am! I just left for a cup of coffee. She was calm. It just took one minute!

– You’re sorry?! Coffee! Now you can get all the coffee in the world! You’re fired! In fact the whole team in this wing is FIRED! I need professionals to work with. Not idiots! She was a delicate case! It took us three years for her to even start writing her thoughts! Let alone any improvements. She went through a Hyde trauma in childhood. Now ALL IS GONE! She is GONE! All this over with a stroke of her pen. Eyes are delicate things. So delicate! Now we’ll never know the true extent of her world!

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