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SHe asked me to stop researching on my origins. SHE knows! SHE told me that each person genetically can be traced back to millions of years. And that I’m just not in a stable state of mind to realize that my worries are baseless! I don’t know what made me do this, but I asked her directly in English outloud “how old am I?!” After a pause SHe said these questions are irrelevant. And I’m going down a path which led the old people to madness. Not only their philosophers, but their scientists, teachers and politicians all became mad. SHe called this path “the road to the meaning of life”!

I guess she is right. I should concentrate on my responsibilities. Maybe reading and writing were not building experiences for me. Yes! This all started when I commenced writing! I must take a break from this. These may be the last words ever written by me for a while. I must stop these thoughts. I have to. 

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