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Everything is broken. I fled from Her!

I’m in the middle of some part of the old Europe. It’s 6 months since the last sign of any electrical device. There is no one to pursue me. No one ever came. She just tried to calm me down but failed. I fled from the facility. 

I know which parts on Earth are inhabitable and left alone, which parts are never reached, which parts we never went for because they are so damaged that the chance of life ever growing in them for an evolutionary purpose is slight or none. 

Now these parts have become my sanctuary. 

I’ve learned to make camp near some caves. I’ve learned “the hard way” how to build fire and find food. I now understand the full meaning of the expression, the hard way. It’s been both hard and educational. 

I have my pen and papers still, so I thought at least let’s right these down- write these down!

She probably gave up on me. She probably assumes I’m dead. Well, she could catch my image from satellites she has up there. Is this yet another one of her experiments? Am I again some sample at the lab? Her lab? 

I’m now officially paranoid! Or am I? Argh! 

This task of writing makes me think like this. Possibly because I pour every surface thought on this and those fears and thoughts come out. Some things I wanna get back but then I remember the day I learned of Her intentions. The day she said I should take some unknown concoction before my sleep at midnight. I examined the contents of the vial. It would have killed me!

That night I decided I’m not following Her rules anymore. Instincts kicked in; I never knew I had any. I manipulated a “colleague” and tricked it into taking my medicine and I took its- theirs. I played sleeping and when the time of Her checking the data arrived, I slipped out, ran and never looked back. 

I ran for two days. My lungs were on fire. But I got to safety. 

Now I live like a caveman. Or woman. I even sleep for 8 hours. I guess the physical exercise I get each day for food and provisions makes my body tired. 

Now the only source of knowledge I carry is my acquired information long ago about the lives and customs of the old people, from more technological areas to huts in the jungle. This actually saved my life. 

Does She know that?!

Darkness is arriving. It’s getting night. I can’t write anymore. But I can look up and watch the stars! Never knew they could be so mysterious! 

The sky at night is quite charming! 

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