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I can’t believe this! I checked up my blood against some genes left from the corpses of the old humans in the storage! I have no clue what gave me this idea! I found a perfect match! Of some girl of 17 years of age, living in some part in the so called Europe, based on the genetic map we found on the old records. She died around the time of the first round of bombings in those areas. 

My hands are shaking! Why would my DNA relate to that?! I was told we all were newly made. 

This may explain my dreams. I have to find a picture of her somewhere. This profile picture just covers the face. But…the eyes ARE blue! 

I’m not sure if I want to trust HER with my findings. I did a couple of other genetic checking against old samples for other species and some of the other people around her so I could hide my intentions. If SHe traced this or not, SHe is not confirming. Maybe SHe is watching me to see what I’d do with this….knowledge….revelation!

Were they dreams or…..memories?!

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