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Another strange thing about humans at the old eras is that they “dreamed” or “envied” some situations they wanted more in their lives! They envied each other or rather what they pictured as a “better future”. It happens at NM also. Stranger thing is that they got shocked or emotional when they witnessed certain fractions of people or “classes” of their “society” didn’t have the things they “took for granted” a while ago; from owning a car, a house, safety, a job, to being rich or sometimes not hungry all the time. Primitive humans are so odd! 

And they would build “charities” to help others of a poorer status to “clear” their eccentric characteristic called “conscience”. They called those who didn’t care about their species, “selfish” which is another alien term. Apparently a sense of self was quite common. They identified themselves through this concept and through their possessions during their short lives. The people at NM follow the same pattern. 

Why don’t we possess these tendencies? 

A more important question: should we?

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