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We don’t age.

I was comparing our living arrangements with those at NM. We don’t age as they do. They get born “naturally”, as they call it. They grow up. Apparently they pass some years in a small body which continues growing till they are considered adults. Then this process stops and after a while their cells can not regenerate properly and the body gradually shuts down. It’s exactly like those old humans. It’s like animals! Well, not like the ones we help rebuild. Our samples don’t grow or die unless eaten by a predator. We discovered ,with HER help, that animals contain instincts whether pass childhood or not. So we surpass this vulnerable stage altogether. 

The inhabitants at NM think we are “lab rats”! I don’t quite understand the term. They apparently have kept some of their old traditions, like languages. MIND says this way we could study them and consider them humans of old eras if they weren’t extinct. We could see how they evolve and coexist. They are not cerebrally advanced as us. They didn’t possess the technology. SHE didn’t give it to them. SHE said it wasn’t wise. I’m still trying to comprehend why. 

In any case, we don’t follow their painful and tiring savage model. We have a larvae stage for two years and then we are what they call “adults”. We enter our society with a clear head and sound minds. We have feelings. We don’t contain distractions as gender difference. SHE considers these things as mere discriminatory devices for empowering selected few over others. We don’t have family names. We don’t even follow the tiring unnecessary tradition of naming someone. Everyone understands everyone. Everyone is recognized and distinct. They name their products and they have problems recognizing their value. SHE knows the best. I guess this would bring about a feeling called “lucky”; when we possess more advanced privileged situations than others. Yet I don’t understand this comparison and its relation with feeling lucky or saying that somethings are better while dismissing the alternative. It’s just plain alien to me.

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