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I dreamt! …. I’m not sure what it was but during my hour at midnight I saw a human being with some sort of long round clothes, crying. There were water drops in the air. This creature was wet. It was looking at me! Then I jolted out of my relaxing state. I was informed I was unconscious for another hour. SHE wanted to know the reason of my brain activity diverting through some other areas. I, for no apparent reason explainable, didn’t tell HER. I hope she didn’t sense any untruth in my explanation. I just said I thought I was awake but I wasn’t, which wasn’t a lie! Am I lying now?! “Hope”, “lie”, I seem to have developed some behavioral trends belonging to another time and people. 

I just said I felt drowning and then jolted. Well! That was partially a lie! I wasn’t the one drowning but there was water. I know SHE can’t see this unless I show HEr. We have neither cameras nor any chips in our brains. There are other ways of watching us performed by HEr. If I keep control over my body, I might be able to avoid any changes in my brain waves and heart beat. 

What am I doing? What is happening to me? 

I must keep these parts hidden. There is a crack at the tile on the floor near my chair. 

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