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There seems to appear some vivid images I my mind. I believe it’s called “picturing”. Yes! I can picture, or rather I keep picturing the old lady knitting. In the novel, it was called “Fate”. I searched through the ancient mythology and installed Greek for interpreting the scripts. But yielded to the old fashioned way of searching and going through notes and pages. I started wanting to know more of the old ways. 

Now that I know what “Fate” refers to, I seem to have developed a rather unwelcoming unwanted feeling deep in my body. I believe I have discovered “fear”! This is an accomplishment. I’m in fear because I pictured that lady knitting! I can’t quite describe this exhilarating feeling. I seem not to be able to escape from it, yet somehow the moment I let it go, I want it back. This is quite addictive! Another new word! A concept I think I’m beginning to understand: getting used to something which is bad for your health and not being able to release your mind from its existence! How frustrating the lives of the old people were! Tiring! 

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