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It took me some minutes to regain self control of my faculties. The part about the child and “dead!” was touching. I can not stop thinking about it. So…this is “poverty” and “wealth”. Strange how those wretched creatures treated each other based on some numbers or gold they had. Having seemed to have been a great point of pride among them. It described them as how much of a human being they were. I’m not even sure if this behavior could be explained or understood in our present situation.

I wanted to choose among “philosophical” written books. But SHE insisted on this. This book is both amazing and hard to read. There are moments I enjoy continuing it, yet there are times I feel there isn’t enough oxygen in my lungs. I wonder if the old people felt the same while reading it. I don’t know the circumstances around those times described in this book. There are references but self experience is lacking. I’m not sure how much I perceive of the purpose of its writer. But I go on. 

I don’t start unless I see it through. Leaving something halfway is never a part of our behavior. We simply can not. 

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