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There is a weird term bugging my mind, “laziness”. Among other words like weird or bug; why should one uses the name of insects to describe bothering experiences? What is “bothering”? There are some abstract extremities to which I know no purpose. I can write and use them, but they remain abstract. I tried for an answer from HER as to whether it would be wise to experience some of these concepts in a simulation. SHE advised firmly against it. In fact SHE directly ordered me not to, based on the fact that these concepts started wars in the first place and our modified DNA is coded in a way not to fall in the same traps as the old people did. 

This is convincing but rather odd that SHE was so against this. SHE never shows any signs of feelings. Yet I sensed some deep fear in HER wording. This is probably my imagination produced by the novels I’m assigned to read. Or rather my brain is going under some chemical change. I should go fo the scan. 

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