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When I asked HER whether humans at those eras could have imagined a future like this, SHE showed a video of a film called “matrix” where not only they foresaw this, they feared it. I still can’t process the relevance of the element of fear in this scenario. No matter how advanced we get, I still can’t comprehend the history. Fear was quite a factor in their lives. They had “security” because they had fear. They had wars and weapons for the soul purpose of fear of being attacked. They had something called “bank accounts” and “loans” because they had fear of losing the life they were living. So bizarre! 

There, that’s my first exclamation point. Interesting! It feels nice to be able to show feelings with shapes. Come to observe it, we don’t write and read. We have a common language among ourselves to communicate. It’s less of a language and more of an electromagnetic field. So we won’t need writing or reading. Yet we decided to learn some of the old languages and write and read through them. I chose “English”, being a common spoken language in the old times along with “Chinese” and some other languages. Now I really enjoy reading, writing and even speaking in English. I acquired the knowledge of this language in three hours. The amount of data SHE possessed and transferred for me was substantial. I write and discover a new word in my knowledge never used before. It feels really extraordinary! 

The usage is quite vast! 

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