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I’m writing these on a piece of old paper I acquired from the archive. We are allowed to experience the old ways of doing things, mostly creating things so we might have new stories or writers. In even a larger scale, every one is allowed to enjoy playing with instrumental music and art. We are insuring our creativity a better chance. This way those parts of our brains remain fully functional. The other day I played a piece of sheet music on the so called piano. It was saddening or stifling. I started making water at my eyes in the end. It was written by a composer called Chopin. When I questioned his sanity, SHE said that human beings are creative and emotions play a rather building stimuli for the original creation. And that I should be honored to be able to feel and touch the piece so deeply. I felt joy at this last comment. 

Now I am writing to see how my mind is reacting towards creating stories. The best way seemed to write an account of my everyday lives, generating every cycle. But the reason for paper is that I thought having a “pen” among my fingers and producing words with the movements of my fingers and hands might be a raw experience. So I asked HER for a “pen” and SHE printed this “fountain” pen for me, and some old papers to begin with.

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