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It all seems strange when you study human lives at those prewar primitive stages. It makes me compare my life to them. Come to think of it, they had great writers and artists too. Well, not bad. 

These days we live in a world based on principles which are monitored and insured by MIND. Every one has a role and purpose. Every one is satisfied. There are still some feelings we share with old humans; we enjoy our part in rebuilding and reviving life on earth. Watching those lilies come out and blossom in front of my eyes or the growth of that whale the other day before we release it in to the waters was amazing. 

In the part I’m a member, we grow live animals to repopulate the species on earth. We make sure their genes are compatible with the environment and that they would live a long natural life. We choose which species are better left extinct. Even with the help of the predictive skills of MIND, we generate new species to insure natural growth in every aspect in the evolution of earth. 

Apparently at those eras, they grew animals for food supply which was terrible for the animal psyche. It lead to depression and extinction in many parts. We had to regenerate the species called “sheep”. The old sample was damaged mentally and physically.

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