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There are concepts I came around the other day at the files which were alien to me: hunger, murder, gun, gold, greed, lust, fear, love, mother, and family. When I asked MIND about them, SHE described a life with human rules and showed me a film made of those times which took me two hours and some minutes to watch. Apparently film making with stories based on true events was something of a hobby and people at those times went to places to watch them. I’ll admit it made me feel some emotions. It really drives you to some unknown land you’re sure doesn’t exist but again watching them wreck their lives seems like a good time-passing hobby.

Then MIND explained to me the concepts in the film, how love or greed drives human beings to do terrible things, how mothers disturb others to protect their biological products called “children”, and how people feel better when they own a piece of shining material on their necks or drive a metal box called a “car”.

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