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In the light of these events taking place, I decided to put down whatever I could so to be able to remember or rather reach them afterwards. 

The years was 2027 when the crash in the stock market due to massive budget cuts for military purposes took the economy under. Ten years of famine followed by 50 years of war in Europe and Asia destroyed every bit of life in those continents. Africa was never a life source to begin with. So every remaining living soul took refuge in the only part of the planet left.

By then whoever rich and powerful flew off the Earth to live in the New Mars as they started calling it new when the changed its climate four years prior to the Fall. The Fall for these events brought about the fall of the governments and civilizations. But after a century of peace at this new world, the name lost its appeal. 

I was born half a millennium later. These events all seem like yesterday when you learn of them among your teachings at the Youth Center. All the raw footage still exists as a reminder that human nature likes war and destruction. Given the chance, we would insure our own extinction. 

Whoever is left on earth is being prepared for a tour to N.M. and back to build the planet anew. The MIND made sure to keep all the remaining pieces of human essence safe and to destroy all the factors of destruction. 

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